The Laser Optoacoustic Laboratory is engaged in scientific developments in nonlinear acoustics, defectoscopy, nondestructive testing and medical diagnostics for more than 30 years. Over this considerable period laboratory has successfully completed many projects, most of which have been implemented and continue to be performed for Russian companies that are leaders in these areas. All these years the following were the main directions for the company:
  • Development of defectoscopes and transducers for a specific task:
    • Theoretical calculation and numerical modeling of the task;
    • Development and design of a defectoscope or transducer;
    • Preparation of part drawings according to the GOST standard;
    • Experimental study of test samples.
  • Development of a laser unit for a specific task.
  • Development of an analog-to-digital converter and a signal amplifier for a specific task.
  • Development of real-time software for a specific task:
    • Software design;
    • Software testing;
    • Software integration with hardware products;
  • Development of methods for diagnosing complex objects.
  • Development of automated three or more coordinate stations for diagnostics of systems in real time.

In recent years our laboratory has been successfully developing in the field of nondestructive testing for the needs of civil aviation.